After Hiring a Durham Sign Company: Window Display Ideas You Must Try

“The percentage and “sale” signs still work.

The main problem with overly-used elements in advertising is that designers and business owners opt to veer away from them, hoping to be more avant-garde. Who else hasn’t seen that tired, old percent sign and big, bold ‘SALE’ icons on storefronts? Believe it or not though, these elements still work, because for one, it isn’t just advertising for the sake of aesthetics, but it actually tells your customers that you are offering your merchandise at a lower cost, which is always an effective marketing strategy.

Another good tip would be to place your store’s name in the window in a way that attracts people’s attention but doesn’t end up hogging the entire space, preventing the rest of your window display from being seen. Look for a reliable sign company in Durham, NC to help you with this. Established firms like Signs Unlimited, Inc. have a variety of services that are sure to suit your needs.”