Sign Company in Durham, NC: Tips on Optimizing Value of LED Signs

Bright, flashy digital and LED signs are prominent in commercial landscapes today, helping businesses promote their brands and increase revenue. With the increasing competition for customers’ attention, however, it is important to keep certain elements in mind during the design and installation stages, to optimize the returns on your investment.

Consult professional LED sign providers to come up with good design and content. Work with an established Durham sign company like Signs Unlimited in developing a concept and lay-out that will incorporate your ideas and the goals you want to achieve.


Things to Remember before Heading Off to a Sign Company in Durham, NC

Additionally, with new businesses, it would be wise to remember that your main outdoor sign won’t be the only sign you’ll have to order. Since they aren’t usually highly visible, informational signage, ADA signage, and other complementary signage are sometimes forgotten until the last minute. Keeping in mind that these signs are a necessity allows you to set an appropriate budget for them and have them designed to complement your establishment’s décor.

Finally, when choosing a sign company in Durham, NC to work with, such as Signs Unlimited, remember to peruse the prospects’ body of work before settling. As their craft tends to improve over time, professionals who have produced outstanding signs in the past can be expected to create the same great work for your business.

After Hiring a Durham Sign Company: Window Display Ideas You Must Try

“The percentage and “sale” signs still work.

The main problem with overly-used elements in advertising is that designers and business owners opt to veer away from them, hoping to be more avant-garde. Who else hasn’t seen that tired, old percent sign and big, bold ‘SALE’ icons on storefronts? Believe it or not though, these elements still work, because for one, it isn’t just advertising for the sake of aesthetics, but it actually tells your customers that you are offering your merchandise at a lower cost, which is always an effective marketing strategy.

Another good tip would be to place your store’s name in the window in a way that attracts people’s attention but doesn’t end up hogging the entire space, preventing the rest of your window display from being seen. Look for a reliable sign company in Durham, NC to help you with this. Established firms like Signs Unlimited, Inc. have a variety of services that are sure to suit your needs.”

Attracting More Customers with the Help of a Durham, NC Sign Company

If you do not view yourself as an artistic person, you can always ask a professional sign company in Durham, NC for help. Many of these companies offer professional design services to help you come up with a one-of-a-kind design.

Keep it Maintained

Make sure that your signs are well-maintained. Immediately have a Durham, NC sign company like Signs Unlimited replace any failing lights and faded letters. A poorly maintained sign can make potential customers think that your business does not pay enough attention to detail, even if the design itself is very detailed.