Pointers on Signs in Durham: The What and How of Monument Signage

“Putting up signs is perhaps one of the earliest forms of marketing, and even today, it still stands, though already well-developed and encompassing a wide array of advertising needs and strategies. Signs for Durham businesses are pretty much everywhere in the city, advertising reputable companies as well as their products and services for everyone to see – and of these signage, monument signs are quite common. Here are some basic facts you should know about this type of sign:

What is it?

If you’ve ever seen a sign made of concrete or bricks that is affixed to the ground, usually hanging low, and has a plaque with text or some images, then you’ve most likely seen a monument sign. The permanence of its position implies that it is typically only placed in the entryway of the business establishment itself, serving as a kind of ‘welcome’ sign. The basic design and apparent durability of monument signs can make a business look and feel more professional.”


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